January 31, 2023

What Our Clients Are Saying

At Admitify we dive deep into your qualifications, strengths, weaknesses, and the unique ‘best self’ story that clicks with admissions officers. Our in-depth, customized analysis ensures your entire application has the best chance of success.


Take a look at what one client posted about Paul Bodine on Poets & Quants last week:


Accepted to Columbia & Wharton!!

I worked with Paul for about 9 months (5 months more intensely after the GMAT!). I couldn’t have gotten into Columbia and Wharton without Paul.


From the beginning, Paul was transparent about the extracurriculars and quality of application needed to get into these top schools, especially considering that I am an older applicant (entering at age 31). He helped me attack every part of this “disadvantage.” He showed me how to flesh out my goals and story. He showed me how to research programs for my goals (which I never did for undergrad). He helped me navigate the seemingly endless world of application data forms and nuances. When going through essay writing, I admit that I wanted many iterations, but Paul graciously met me in my paranoia – his edits encouraged my voice and story to shine through. And by observing so many of Paul’s edits (also with help of learning grammar for the GMAT), I gained confidence in my writing, researching, and thinking abilities.


When I received interview invitations, Paul respectfully pointed out my weaknesses and immediately suggested a strategy for me to improve that involved being introduced to other consultants who assessed my presence. Paul and Deborah quickly organized a TBD mock with Admitify clients across the world and moderated by a Wharton alum who gave personalized feedback (I believe this was instrumental for my Wharton acceptance). When I was waitlisted at Columbia, Paul managed expectations, but shared with me stories of people he’s seen get in (or not in) off the waitlist, helping me craft each of my waitlist updates.


The point is: once you’re a client of Paul’s, be ready to work and iterate. Be respectful of his time and wisdom that he’s sharing with you. Start early and communicate often, and Paul will give you every resource he thinks you need to succeed.


Class of 2025 Admit


In Round 1 of this application cycle, 80% of Paul’s Stanford GSB clients advanced, as did 50% of his HBS clients, 71% of his Wharton clients, 75% of his Columbia Business School clients, and 100% of his Booth, Kellogg, and MIT Sloan  clients.


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