June 3, 2024

Admitted to HBS & MIT Sloan Class of 2026

At Admitify we dive deep into your qualifications, strengths, weaknesses, and the unique ‘best self’ story that clicks with admissions officers. Our in-depth, customized analysis ensures your entire MBA application has the best chance of success.


Here’s what one client recently shared about their experience working with Paul Bodine:


“Working with Paul was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my business school journey thus far.


Prior to working with Paul, I tested out 3 other admissions consulting consultants (all were top 10 consultants in Poets & Quants each year and are household names in the game) and was told that my role at a Financial Services company (an extremely competitive bucket) and my ethnic background as an overrepresented minority would be a tough bucket to crack for M7. I was consistently told by other consultants to “aim lower”.


But not Paul. After our first intro call, Paul was able to spot something unique in my profile and told me to aim high. With Paul’s help, I submitted to HBS, Wharton, and Sloan in Round 2. Not only was I accepted to Sloan with a 120k merit scholarship (completely unexpected!), I received my dream acceptance — an offer letter from HBS. Not too shabby for someone who was told by other admissions consultants that M7 would be tough to crack! And it was all due to Paul’s help.


Paul has an innate ability to spot unique differentiators in his clients, and he gently probes and unravels parts of one’s life experiences and backgrounds until all the pieces fall into place to create a memorable story that is both unique and genuine to the applicant. Paul truly cares about his clients, and having Paul’s support helped to make an otherwise stressful process…even fun.


While some other consultants I’ve worked with made sessions feel transactional, as if it was purely a numbers game for them, Paul will give it his all to help his clients succeed. Not only did I walk away with acceptances to some of the best business schools in the world, I learned so much about myself through the thorough “gentle probing” process that Paul deploys, and walked away more clear of my goals than ever before.


To prospective applicants reading this, go with Paul. Coming from someone who tried out 3 other top admissions consultants and still ultimately went with Paul, I guarantee you won’t regret it!”


Class of 2026 Admit


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