"I’m in at Wharton! I never dreamed that I would be choosing between HBS and Wharton! Feeling very fortunate this holiday season. Thanks again for all of your help throughput the process, I certainly never would have been able to get 4 applications in round one without your help. I will definitely recommend you to the [confidential company] crew applying next year. Have a great holiday and I will keep you posted on my final decision! Though I don’t know that I can turn down HBS.”
I’m in at HBS/Harvard! Have till Monday to decide. Wow what a ride Paul. I cannot believe you helped me get into the two most selective business school programs in the world. I am so grateful. I think I’m still going for Stanford but I will definitely let you know. I can still vividly recall our conversation when I called you for the first time and said I wanted to apply. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!! ”
“I just got a call from Derrick Bolton! I got into Stanford!!!!!! Thank you sooooo much for all your guidance, support, help, mentoring, and putting up with my application nerves. You went above and beyond. I am so unbelievably happy and truly truly truly appreciate all you have done. Whatever happens, I’m so happy and am thrilled at this incredible opportunity…. Overall in at GSB, waitlist at HBS. Incredible result. Thank you so much Paul for everything."
“Paaauuuuuuuull!!!!!! I just got in [to Harvard Business School]!!! I can’t even type right now, I’m so happy! Thank you SO much for EVERYTHING! From your overall guidance to your specific advice on essays, and calming me down throughout the process you were the best! I really couldn’t have done it without your help. Please feel free to use me as a reference and I’ll be happy to share about my great experience with you! I will take a few days off to celebrate and then will be back in touch for Stanford. Best, … [LinkedIn testimonial:] [Admitify consultant] is very easy to communicate with and extremely helpful in his advice. He is also wonderful working with tight deadlines. It was a pleasure interacting with him!”
“I have officially been ACCEPTED to HBS [Harvard Business School]! I seriously didn’t even think there was a chance I would get in before I applied and especially after my interview! I am still in serious denial (so I’ve also included the official letter below as evidence). I could not have done it without ALL of your help. I don’t think it will be possible for me to consider NOT going to HBS, so I am going to be very relaxed as the other 3 decisions roll in! I'm also in at [Chicago] Booth with a $50K scholarship!"
“I`m sure I wouldn`t have been accepted to HBS [Harvard] and to [Dartmouth] Tuck without [your] help, advice, and perspective. It`s one thing to have had worthwhile experiences and some accomplishments, but without the right marketing, I don`t think you can really “sell yourself” to the admissions committees. You had that insight and were obviously very keyed into what interests different schools.”
“Hi, Yes, thankfully I was accepted in December during first round admissions and will pursue the dual degree program [Harvard MD-MBA]! Best,”
“I GOT IN [to Stanford GSB]! I GOT THE CALL! Thank you again very much for your support. Thank you!”
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