A Fantastic Partner That Truly Understood My Application. Admitted To Harvard, Stanford & Wharton!

  "I spoke with a number of admissions consultants and vividly remember the first conversation with Paul – I instantly felt he was the right person to work with. Beyond his expansive knowledge of admissions (particularly across my target schools of HSW – just scroll down or up for more proof points!), I felt like he truly understood my story, the roles I have had leading up to it, and the messages I wanted to land with schools.   Overall the process was fantastic and everything you would want from an admissions consultant. He understood critically what it was that would differentiate me (and notably what would not), using this as the north star for how I shaped my applications. He was also very engaged and consistent in reply times.   The one point I’d like to highlight in more detail is that throughout the process Paul challenged me to go further and unravel stories until there wasn’t any juice left to squeeze. During this journey at times, it would feel frustrating and often exhausting as I tried to introspect deeply on stories to understand if there were any other moments that truly influenced me or shaped the ‘why’ behind the anecdote. My advice if you work with Paul is to hang on for the ride! This process really increased the depth and substantiveness of my essays and enabled me to put my best foot forward to admissions committees."   Class of 2025 Admit

The Best Decision I've Made

  "In the latest MBA application round, I got into Stanford!!! (and also Wharton and Yale wait lists). I couldn’t get the offers (especially the Stanford one, which is my dream school!!!) without Paul. Paul believed in me and saw my shining stories from such a professional and poetic perspective that I couldn’t find myself. Stanford's offer is a life-changing event. In this way, Paul helped change my life!!!!! This is the help that I will never forget for my entire lifetime. And I appreciate and feel so grateful for meeting Paul and for all the help and support Paul gave along the way. I will remember this for a lifetime. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND everyone who aims high to have Paul help."   Class of 2025 Admit

Want To Get In? Use Paul.

"I have engaged Paul’s services after reading glowing reviews online, in particular from applicants to [Harvard Business School / Stanford Graduate School of Business]. I had reached out to a number of admission consulting companies, all of whom estimated my options to be very, very low (I am an atypical candidate on the older side of the age spectrum, from an unknown international school).   Paul, however, saw in me something that no one else did: I had a real shot. I knew only had one shot, and limited time available, all whilst working 80h+ per week.   Paul guided me to dive deeper into my background. He listened tirelessly until no stone was left unturned – as cheesy as it sounds, I learned a ton about myself in the process. Paul was able to provide an opinion about what others would and would not find impressive (and it’s very different from what I would have imagined).   To my surprise, but not to Paul’s, I got an interview invite, and after some interview practice with Admitify and some long weeks of waiting, I got into Harvard – and I absolutely love it.   Interestingly, as I meet people at Harvard and we talk about our backgrounds, I see that the part of my background that people find most interesting is indeed what Paul helped me uncover. Without Paul, I would not have been able to uncover, let alone articulate, what makes me tick.   One phrase sums it up for me: want to get in? Use Paul."
  Class of 2024 Admit

The Best Of The Best

"Paul was instrumental in helping me craft winning applications for Harvard, Stanford, MIT, Booth, Kellogg, Haas, and Dartmouth. Paul is calm, responsive, and patient. He will (gently) push you as far as you are willing to be pushed. He’s an expert at weaving together themes and positioning you to be the best candidate you can possibly be. Furthermore and perhaps more importantly, the deeply reflective process that Paul guided me through via many draft iterations and the initial discovery call was seriously enjoyable and allowed me to deeply explore my “why” and “how.”   If you are looking for a consultant who focuses on the story and the writing, my suggestion would be to work with Paul and follow his lead. He’s (successfully) walked this path a time or two."   Class of 2025 Admit

Accepted To Columbia & Wharton!!

  "I worked with Paul for about 9 months (5 months more intensely after the GMAT!). I couldn’t have gotten into Columbia and Wharton without Paul.   From the beginning, Paul was transparent about the extracurriculars and quality of application needed to get into these top schools, especially considering that I am an older applicant (entering at age 31). He helped me attack every part of this “disadvantage.” He showed me how to flesh out my goals and story. He showed me how to research programs for my goals (which I never did for undergrad). He helped me navigate the seemingly endless world of application data forms and nuances. When going through essay writing, I admit that I wanted many iterations, but Paul graciously met me in my paranoia – his edits encouraged my voice and story to shine through. And by observing so many of Paul’s edits (also with help of learning grammar for the GMAT), I gained confidence in my writing, researching, and thinking abilities.   When I received interview invitations, Paul respectfully pointed out my weaknesses and immediately suggested a strategy for me to improve that involved being introduced to other consultants who assessed my presence. Paul and Deborah quickly organized a TBD mock with Admitify clients across the world and moderated by a Wharton alum who gave personalized feedback (I believe this was instrumental for my Wharton acceptance). When I was waitlisted at Columbia, Paul managed expectations, but shared with me stories of people he’s seen get in (or not in) off the waitlist, helping me craft each of my waitlist updates.   The point is: once you’re a client of Paul’s, be ready to work and iterate. Be respectful of his time and wisdom that he’s sharing with you. Start early and communicate often, and Paul will give you every resource he thinks you need to succeed."   Class of 2025 Admit

Accepted To My #1 School!

  "I am so thankful that I was introduced to Paul. I was quite unfamiliar with the MBA application process and can’t express how grateful I am for his guidance, advice and calm demeanor.   I decided to accelerate my application process in order to meet Columbia’s early decision deadline, and Paul went above and beyond to help me finalize my application in time. This included jumping on zoom calls during odd hours of the week / weekend to help accommodate my busy work schedule, going through several iterations of multiple essays, helping me think through the right way to frame my near-term and long-term career goals, and more. His response rate to every email is incredibly fast, and he is very efficient on providing thoughts/questions on every document that is sent his way. I was especially appreciative of this given I was working under a tight time constraint.   In high school and college, I worked with career advisors/prep consultants who made me feel stressed and like I wasn’t doing enough. Paul is the exact opposite – he helped highlight my strengths on my resume and in my essays and approached every conversation and email exchange with positivity and confidence. Paul has so much knowledge about the application process and each university.   Paul made such a positive impact on my entire application experience, and I am so happy/thankful to say I am attending Columbia in the fall (my #1 choice for business school)."   Class of 2025 Admit

Paul Was Fantastic, Helped Me Get Into My Top Choice (CBS)

  "I came into the application process knowing nothing and with a strict deadline as I took my GMAT very late. Paul was prompt and very helpful with all of his feedback, and my admission results are indicative of his expertise." [Admitted to Columbia Business School]   Class of 2025 Admit

Admitted To Kellogg, Columbia, Tuck & McCombs

  "Paul was excellent to work with as an MBA consultant. He made himself very accessible and was always helpful and insightful with his feedback and advice. Because of Paul’s wealth of experience with the MBA application process, he was able to provide insider knowledge on how to tailor my story to fit each of my schools’ strengths while also providing tips and tricks to make my application stand out. He was especially helpful during the essay writing portion of the applications by gently pushing me in the right direction or providing honest and constructive feedback from the lens of an admissions officer. And for those who are skeptical of hiring an MBA coach because of the cost, I would recommend a one-school approach similar to what I did: work with Paul on your top choice/earliest deadline school, then use his advice and knowledge learned and apply it to your other applications. Overall, I truly don’t believe I would have been admitted to all four of these schools without Paul’s help and I highly recommend him to anyone considering attending a top MBA program." [Admitted to Columbia Business School, Kellogg School of Management, Dartmouth Tuck School of Business, and University of Texas McCombs School of Business]
  Class of 2025 Admit
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