A Expert Partner In Securing Top MBA Admissions

  "I wholeheartedly recommend Paul Bodine for his exceptional MBA admissions consulting. With his extensive experience in the field, Paul expertly guided me through the application process. I worked with him on the all-inclusive 1-school package, and he was instrumental in securing my admission to Stanford GSB with above-average financial aid.   Paul’s strength lies in his dedication to understanding his clients and helping them craft unique, compelling stories. He took the time to get to know my background and aspirations, ensuring my essays truly reflected my goals and experiences. His meticulous editing and insights were invaluable. While some self-motivation is required in managing deadlines, Paul’s timely feedback and support kept me on track.   I’m immensely grateful for Paul’s expertise and guidance throughout this process. I couldn’t have achieved this dream outcome without him!"   Admitted to Stanford Graduate School of Business - MBA Class of 2026

Kindest, Most Responsive Admissions Consultant Secured Me Booth + MIT

  "I did a deep diligence before hiring an admissions consultant (10+ profiles screened), without hesitation Paul is the best option if you are looking for a consultant that will guide you through the process, break down the complex parts of multi-school applications, and give you candid, honest feedback and suggestions to maximize your admittance chances: With Paul’s help I was able to secure a spot in both Booth and MIT, plus a waitlist at HBS.   Paul is quick in his replies, will push you to try harder when needed, and even help you shed light on your goals, trajectory, story and how all that translates into a strong application (e.g., he brilliantly convinced me to apply to Booth instead of Wharton based on my profile/interests and got the admission + in fact loved the culture when engaging with the Booth community).   I could not have done it without him — I have referred Paul to several friends who are applying and have heard nothing but great feedback about him."   Admitted to Chicago Booth School of Business and MIT Sloan School of Management - MBA Class of 2026  

HBS, Columbia Admit

  "I enjoyed working with Paul throughout the business school application process. Across the months we worked together, he spent weeks understanding my background and story so that I could craft a memorable and meaningful personal statement for each school I applied to. His years of working in the space lends him a unique perspective on what makes a compelling and powerful candidate application. With the help of Paul's consulting services, I got in my top 2 choices for business school, HBS and Columbia Business School, and was also wait-listed at Wharton."   Admitted to Harvard Business School and Columbia Business School - MBA Class of 2026

Exceptional. Admitted To HBS!

  "Paul is hands-down the best consultant you can work with if you truly want to maximise your chances of getting in to your dream school. I spoke with a lot of consultants before making a decision on who to partner with for my essays and Paul stood out immediately for his kindness, authenticity, and eagerness to dig deep to my story. Without Paul I genuinely believe I would not have elevated my essays to the extent required to stand out. Paul is very generous with his time, extremely thorough in trying to understand what your best assets and stories are, and goes above and beyond to help you turn them into a very creative and unique story. His experience and dedication guided me towards the right path and challenged me to go the extra mile to really craft the best essays my own background could give. Thank you Paul, you honestly changed my life!"   Admitted to Harvard Business School - MBA Class of 2026

An Ideal Partner, Mentor & Guide For MBA Admissions (Admitted To HBS, Wharton, Waitlisted At Booth)

  "Paul is an exceptional partner, guide and mentor and is the best in the MBA admissions business! Toeing the fine line between realism and optimism, he extracted and showed me how to highlight the unique aspects of my story and set me up on a path of guided introspection that really showed up in my essays. He also has a calming presence and a calculated approach that really helped me handle my apprehensions and also prevented me from making mistakes. His understanding of the ins and outs of the process and was critical to my application, given my time constraints (completed the entire process in ~4 months) and coming from an extremely competitive applicant bucket. He was extremely responsive, supportive and always went the extra mile, be it setting up calls late into the night or even coming back with edits right around deadline time! All this led to admits at HBS and Wharton and a waitlist at Booth. Working with him truly was a transformative experience and his services are worth every penny! I am truly happy to recommend Paul to anyone who’d be interested in applying to full time MBA programs."   Admitted to Harvard Business School and The Wharton School at University of Pennsylvania - MBA Class of 2026

Achieved HBS+GSB+Booth With Great Experience

  "Paul has been an outstanding coach, with excellent results. With him, I got acceptance letters at [Stanford] GSB, HBS and Booth (50k merit scholarships): 3/3. Last year, applying without any consultant and with a similar resume, I got no acceptance letters. Besides the results, Paul is candid and patient, puts in the required time, is very experienced and structured... It's a pleasure to work with him. Me being international and Hispanic, shows Paul is comfortable working with different backgrounds."   Admitted to Harvard Business School, Stanford Graduate School of Business, and University of Chicago Booth School of Business - MBA Class of 2026

Thoughtful, Honest & Supportive (Admission To Kellogg, CBS & Darden)

  "I highly recommend Paul as a b-school consultant. My acceptances were at Kellogg ($120K scholarship), Darden (full ride/$165K scholarship), and Columbia.   Paul is the founder and president of Admitify. He spent considerable time to get to know me, my goals and my story. He was incredibly kind – something I didn’t really expect from a consultant – and engaged in our interactions. He was honest with me about my chances at top schools but respected my decision to give it a shot anyway. I was extremely overwhelmed (as we all are) starting the business school process, and working with Paul immediately made me feel like things were under control and I had the direction I needed to succeed. He helped me take all of my accomplishments and craft one cohesive story. He pushed me hard on my essays in his thorough reviews, never settling for ‘great’ and always striving for ‘outstanding’. He also gave me structure and support for my recommendation letters that really helped both me and my recommenders optimize and streamline the process. Across the different elements (essays, reccs, interviews), Admitify had proprietary resources for me to use specific to each school which were super useful. Paul is awesome!"   Admitted to Columbia Business School, The Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, and University of Virginia Darden School of Business - MBA Class of 2026

An Amazing Blend Of Storyteller, Marketer & Therapist Who Guided Me Through A Tricky Process

  "Paul is an exceptional business school consultant. Combining competence with warmth, he was foundational to me achieving admission to the business school of my dreams.   As a consultant, Paul blends the finest elements of storytelling, marketing, and project management in a calming manner. It seems to me that a core element of business school admissions is creating a compelling (for admissions officers) and unique (based on the applicant) narrative. Paul shines here – he played the role of the therapist in our initial meetings, spending hours combing through my personal history, understanding my motivations and ambitions around my career path. As we got closer to the deadlines, we iterated on every aspect of the application – the essays, the test-taking, the application itself – to make sure that they conveyed the blend of characteristics that we had identified make me a distinctive and compelling applicant – that make me myself. Throughout it all, Paul was a responsive and calming presence, assuaging concerns, encouraging me forward. I cannot be thankful enough!"   Admitted to Harvard Business School - MBA Class of 2025
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