The world’s top MBA programs get more competitive every year! A 770 GMAT score and 3.8 GPA are not guarantee of admission. More than ever, your essays, recommendation letters, and interview are potential deal-breakers—or deal-makers. To rise to the challenge each of these application components poses, you need the expert, personalized, proven-effective guidance of Admitify.

The team at Admitify will guide you through the B-school application minefield, from providing you with a savvy, bullet-proof application strategy to helping you write powerful and compelling essays that get you admitted to your number-one schools.

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Grad School

Getting into the right graduate school isn’t impossible, but it might seem that way. As more and more people look to expand their education through post-graduate study, the increase in competition is making it harder and harder for students to get accepted, forcing admissions committees to become much more selective.


  • We can provide everything from focused help with college essays and applications to a full multi-year advisory service (e.g., freshman to senior year) where we guide the applicant in developing their profile so it’s as strong as it can be when they apply.
  • We can help with everything except test prep, from application and differentiation strategy and school selection to essay development, work with recommenders, help with the Common App and school-specific apps, interview prep, etc.
  • We can provide these services on an hourly basis or as a flat-fee service structured to your needs.

Medical School

Applying to medical school can be one of life’s most stressful experiences. On top of the long timelines, grueling tests, drop-dead deadlines, and high costs, there’s the simple fact that average MCAT scores and applicant volume at the most coveted schools is climbing.

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All In School Package Pricing

When you book an MBA All In School package with Admitify, you'll be matched with an expert consultant who best fits your unique needs. Graduate or non-MBA Professional School Applicants, contact us at to ask about flat-fee pricing for your program or use our hourly prices below. Please review our Terms & Conditions for working with Admitify.

If you are interested in working with our founder, Paul Bodine, please contact him directly about his all-in school package pricing.

  • Unlimited Discussion (by phone, email, or in person – whichever you prefer) on school selection, application strategy, positioning, and client discovery (getting to know your story). Unlimited means unlimited.
  • Unlimited Editing of All Essays for that school including optional essays, from the most micro level (grammar, etc.) to the highest macro level (themes, etc.). Unlimited means unlimited.
  • Unlimited discussion of recommender selection. Also includes specific feedback on all recommendation letters for one school (interacting directly with the recommender): concrete, point-by-point suggestions for improving each letter.
  • Review and edit of application resume.
  • Review of your Internet and social media presence.
  • Review of entire data section of application (the non-essay portion of the application).
  • Mock interview session using actual school interview questions, followed by detailed feedback on what you did well and how you can improve for each school (~60-minute session for each flat-fee school).
  • Advice on weighing and selecting from your school admission offers.
  • Help with your wait-list campaign, if needed.
First-School Package
Two-School Package
Three-School Package
Four-School Package
Five-School Package
Six-School Package
Seven-School Package
Subsequent School Package
MEDICAL SCHOOL Primary Application Service
MEDICAL SCHOOL Secondary Application Service

Hourly Consulting Pricing

Hourly consulting is ideal for applicants who need help on specific parts of their application. Most of our clients ask for help with essays, recommendations, and interview preparation.

We will charge you only for actual minute-by-minute time spent working on your application (no ’rounding up’). And each time we send you work, we will tell exactly how much time it took. You’ll always know where you stand.

One Hour at a Time
$299 per Hour
Five Hours at a Time
$280 per Hour
Ten Hours at a Time
$260 per Hour
President's Hourly Consulting with Paul Bodine
$370 per hour
President's Hourly Consulting with Paul Bodine

(5 or more hours)

$350 per hour
President's Hourly Consulting with Paul Bodine

(10 or more hours)

$330 per hour

90-for-60 ‘Jump Start’

Admitify’s Jump-Start service will accelerate your application process: a 90-minute session for the price of our usual 60-minute session.

Not available if you have already had a free profile review

$299 (Consultant) or $370 (President)
COLLEGE Admissions Consulting
Hourly: $370 | 5 Hours: $1,750 | 10 Hours: $3,330

Contact us about our "All In" College packages


  • 1-1.5 hr simulated TBD session with 4-6 participant-applicants led by a Wharton MBA who provides feedback on your performance
  • Admitify's Wharton Interview Guidance document 
  • Video of your team's interview session for you to review at your leisure

Total Cost: $497

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