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(Poets & Quants)

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Paul has written 6 books on business school, medical school, and law school applications.

Great Applications for Business School (second edition)

Start here. Filled with clear guidelines, insider tips, and winning samples, this book will lead you through every step of the application essay process. Called “expert advice” and a “tour de force” by MBA admissions directors at Dartmouth Tuck and Insead. GMAT Club’s “Best MBA Book of 2010.”

Perfect Phrases for Business School Acceptance

Gives you the phrases, statements, and approaches that will help you write a compelling essay, succeed at the interview, and stand out from your competition.

Perfect Phrases for Medical School Acceptance

Provides paragraph-long examples illustrating the content and key themes for medical school application essays.

Perfect Phrases for Letters of Recommendation

Explains what makes a recommendation letter good and also what can make it ineffective. The book contains paragraph-length examples of effective recommendation letter writing for all types of situations.

Great Personal Statements for Law School

Complete guide to law school personal statements, from brainstorming content that best captures you and the experiences that bring you to a law career to detailed treatment of all the key personal statement themes and topic categories.

Perfect Phrases for Law School Acceptance

Gives you sample phrases, statements, and approaches to inspire you to craft your own compelling and authentic personal statement and stand out during the interview process.

Forums, Interviews And Reviews

Paul has been a featured admissions expert on the forums of Bloomberg Businessweek, GMAT Club, Beat the GMAT, and Poets & Quants.

Ask PAUL Bodine Thread on Beat the GMAT

Paul’s “Ask Our Expert” Thread on Poets & Quants

Reviews of Paul Bodine Consulting on Poets and Quants’ Admissions Consultant Directory.

Reviews of Paul Bodine Consulting on Wall Street Oasis (search page for ‘Bodine’)

Reviews of Paul Bodine on LinkedIn

Interview with Paul on MBA Crystal Ball

Law School Applicants

Great Personal Statements for Law School (book)

Perfect Phrases for Law School Acceptance (book)

Creating a Killer Law School Application, Law School Personal Statements, Optional Essays and more (Podcast series featuring Paul Bodine, Law School Podcaster)

Creating a Killer Law School Application, Law School Personal Statements, Optional Essays and more (Podcast series featuring Paul Bodine, Law School Podcaster)

Law School Personal Statements (Podcast, Law School Interactive)

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Medical School Applicants

Perfect Phrases for Medical School Acceptance (book)

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