February 14, 2023

What Our Clients Are Saying

At Admitify we dive deep into your qualifications, strengths, weaknesses, and the unique ‘best self’ story that clicks with admissions officers. Our in-depth, customized analysis ensures your entire application has the best chance of success.


Here’s what one client posted about Paul Bodine on Poets & Quants:


Want To Get In? Use Paul.

I have engaged Paul’s services after reading glowing reviews online, in particular from applicants to H/S. I had reached out to a number of admission consulting companies, all of whom estimated my options to be very, very low (I am an atypical candidate on the older side of the age spectrum, from an unknown international school).


Paul, however, saw in me something that no one else did: I had a real shot. I knew only had one shot, and limited time available, all whilst working 80h+ per week.


Paul guided me to dive deeper into my background. He listened tirelessly until no stone was left unturned – as cheesy as it sounds, I learned a ton about myself in the process. Paul was able to provide an opinion about what others would and would not find impressive (and it’s very different from what I would have imagined).


To my surprise, but not to Paul’s, I got an interview invite, and after some interview practice with Admitify and some long weeks of waiting, I got into Harvard – and I absolutely love it.


Interestingly, as I meet people at Harvard and we talk about our backgrounds, I see that the part of my background that people find most interesting is indeed what Paul helped me uncover. Without Paul, I would not have been able to uncover, let alone articulate, what makes me tick.


One phrase sums it up for me: want to get in? Use Paul.



Class of 2024 Admit


In Round 1 of this application cycle, 80% of Paul’s Stanford GSB clients advanced, as did 50% of his HBS clients, 71% of his Wharton clients, 75% of his Columbia Business School clients, and 100% of his Booth, Kellogg, and MIT Sloan  clients.


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