November 8, 2022

Which Countries Offer the Cheapest MBAs

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In today’s blog we are featuring an article from Study International that highlights the 5 cheapest countries to get an MBA. The ROI gained from an MBA from a globally recognized business school is beyond dispute. Study International notes that a PayScale survey found MBA graduates from the top 50 business schools in the U.S. earn a median cash compensation of $5.7 million after working for 35 years postgraduation. Those with just a bachelor’s degree, MBAs earn $2.3 million more.


But the reality is that many simply cannot afford the price tag such quality entails. Thus, Study International highlights the top 5 cheapest countries in which to earn an MBA.



Most universities in Germany are state owned, and thus MBA tuition fees range from $1,762 to $49,990 per year. In addition, Germany categorizes master’s programs as either consecutive (pursuing master’s directly after obtaining a bachelor’s degree in Germany) or non-consecutive. For consecutive master’s programs, the tuition is often free. For non-consecutive courses that focus on specialized subject areas, a tuition fee is typically charged.

Below are the 5 cheapest MBA programs:

1. Schiller International University $1,762/yr
2. GISMA Business School $1,938/yr
3. Reutlingen University $3,450/yr
4. Johannes Gutenberg University $3,500/yr
5. Ludwig Maximilians University Munich $4,800/yr


Home to many international branch campuses of universities such as Australia’s Monash University and UK’s Heriot-Watt University, international students can gain an international, accredited MBA at a significantly lower cost. Typical tuition fees for public universities range between $4,264 to $6,609 per year. Private university tuition fees range from $6,396 to $56,498, a much wider range. An additional benefit is Malaysian government scholarships to international students, such as the Malaysian Technical Cooperation Program Scholarship and Malaysian International Scholarship.


Home to over 40 globally ranked universities, China’s higher education institutions have been attracting hundreds of thousands of international students, and its affordable study cost makes it one of the cheapest countries for an MBA. Additionally, most universities offer programs taught in English.

Below are the 5 cheapest MBA programs:

1. Hebei GEO University $2,465/yr
2. China Three Gorges University $2,465/yr
3. Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications $2,465/yr
4. Hebei University $2,739/yr
5. Jiangsu University of Science and Technology $2,739/yr


A key difference in the MBA programs in France, unlike Germany, is that they are only partially taught in English. French universities are well-funded by the government and on average, MBA tuition fees range from $5,250 to $86,294 annually.

Below are the 3 cheapest MBA programs:

1. ESG Management School $5,250/yr
2. EPITA Graduate School of Computer Science $9,900/yr
3. EFREI Engineering School of Information and Digital Technologies $10,000/yr


While an MBA in Canada is more expensive than European MBAs, it is still lower than the U.S., UK, and Australia. Applicants typically have at least 12 months of work experience before entering Canadian MBA programs. MBA tuition fees range between $12,850 to $35,000 Canadian dollars.

Below are the 3 cheapest MBA programs:

1. University of New Brunswick $12,850/yr
2. Laval University $16,000/yr
3. Wilfrid Laurier University $16,579/yr