March 7, 2022

Solidarity with Ukraine

Our hearts go out to the people in Ukraine and those with loved ones affected by Putin’s invasion.  In light of the events in Ukraine, we dedicate this post to ways MBA programs are supporting efforts to help Ukraine and to highlight Ukraine’s top business schools.


According to Stanford Daily, GSB student Daria Matviienko is directly affected by the events in Ukraine as her loved ones back home are endangered.  Matviienko is from the Donetsk region, one of the separatist-held regions in the east, and has spent the past decade finding a safer place to live in Ukraine.  While she is studying at GSB, almost all her time is spent calling her family back home.  The same is true for GSB student Kate Slunkova, who also has family across Ukraine.  In the face of all these hardships, many students directly affected by the Ukrainian conflict have banded together.  They gathered in Main Quad for an event titled, “Stanford Stands With Ukraine.”  Protesters at the rally called for support from the Stanford community, including fundraising activities.  Also, Ukrainian students at Stanford are planning to start a Ukrainian Stanford Students’ Association to educate the community on Ukraine’s  beautiful culture.  For the full article in the Stanford Daily, click here.


Two Yale School of Management students, Tim Marian and Alexandra Platon, with deep ties to Eastern Europe have launched efforts to help refugees fleeing Ukraine.  They have led fundraisers and housing assistance campaigns that have raised $20,000 so far and helped hundreds of refugees find housing.  Both students are native to Romania and have been creative in helping to find resources on the ground in Eastern Europe to assist in many ways.  To read the full story and find ways to contribute, click here.


Highlighting Business Schools in Ukraine


The International Management Institute (MIM-Kyiv) is one of Ukraine’s top business schools, valuing the application of theory to practice.  Founded in 1989, the school incorporates global experiences as part of its programs with an international mindset being a critical value.  International modules are mandatory and provide international experiences for students.  Corporate projects also allow students to gain hands-on training to help companies with their problems and offering consulting services.


Also based in Kyiv, the International Institute of Business (IIB), founded in 1993, focuses on the application of knowledge and conducts applied research and practical education.  It started as a non-profit institution aiming to share knowledge and disseminate it on an international level.  IIB is accredited by London-based Association of MBAs, one of the three most recognized accreditation organizations.


Faculty of International Economics and Management within the 105-year-old Kyiv National Economic University has a clear central focus on internationalism.  To promote the international mindset, many programs are taught only in English.  Students partaking in international programs are required to undergo an internship that requires fluency in two foreign languages. The school also provides language centers to support students with the linguistic abilities they need to complete their programs and be more competitive in the work environment.