January 18, 2023

European Business School Student Trends

The Financial Times recently published survey results based on alumni of European business schools who graduated three years ago.  The survey focused on international student mix, mobility after graduation, salary and employment, and diversity.  The degrees the survey factored in were the Masters in Management (MiM), MBA, and EMBA.


Here are a few of the highlights from the FT’s survey findings:


  • International Class Cohorts – international student mix at European business schools differs widely between degrees. MBA cohorts are the most diverse with the largest percentage of students outside of the European region, while the MiM and EMBA cohorts were mostly based out of Europe.
  • Global Mobility – more than two-thirds of alumni who studied for an MBA in Europe had lived outside the continent before starting their programs. More than two-thirds left Europe in the three years after graduating.  MiM and EMBA alumni were less likely to move regions for study or work.
  • Salaries – MBA and EMBA alumni who studied in Europe and subsequently moved regions after graduating earned higher average salaries than those who stayed in the same region.
  • Employer Movement – alumni tended to have lower average salaries when they have changed employers multiple times in the three years since graduating.
  • Diversity – MBAs in Europe had more international students than schools in other regions as well as a higher percentage of international faculty and board members.


Supplementing the survey results, the Financial Times also released their European business school rankings in December.


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