July 15, 2021

Expert Essay Advice

Why should essays determine whether you’re among the fortunate few who
earn MBAs from the world’s best business schools? After all, CEOs aren’t paid
millions to turn colorful phrases; their job is to solve intractable problems,
motivate organizations, and enhance shareholder value. Isn’t your potential to
do that better gauged by hard metrics like career progress, academic
performance, and standardized test scores than by a batch of well-spun essays?
However counterintuitive it might seem, the humble application essay
remains a decisive factor in helping B-schools choose the anointed few from the
ranks of equally qualified also-rans. Actually, business schools are doing you a
favor by giving your essays so much weight. Because of all the components of
your application, the application essay is the one that gives you the greatest
freedom and control and the one that most personally expresses the individual
you behind the data. Your essays can help you walk that walk like no other
application component. From the themes you choose to capture your profile and
the stories you pick to illustrate them to the lessons you draw and the tone you
adopt, business schools give you the reins to shape their perception of your
Essay writing is really just a means of striking up a certain kind of personal
relationship with the reader, and who you think that reader is will obviously
affect what you say to him/her. Though admissions officers must deny eight or
nine of every ten applicants, you must assume that they approach each one
with an open and sympathetic mind and the desire to embrace your application
is the one that will draw them a step closer to a rounded, diverse, interesting
class. That’s why the essays of successful applicants are usually open, relaxed,
confident, and optimistic.
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