October 26, 2021

Admitify’s Record of Success at HBS

Over the past three admission cycles, Harvard Business School received 28,305 applications to their very competitive MBA program. They granted admission to 2,680 of those applicants, an average of only 9%. During that same period, Admitify worked with 107 clients on their HBS applications. 31 were invited to interview and of those, 25 were admitted. That means that almost a third of our clients were invited to interview, and 81% of those interviewed were admitted (for Admitify founder Paul Bodine those numbers were 35% and 88%)!

To put it another way, Admitify worked with fewer than .4% of the total number of HBS applicants during that 3-year period, and we helped almost 3 times as many of our clients win acceptance.

Since 2008, Paul Bodine and Admitify have helped 95 out of 335 clients reach the interview stage of HBS’s admissions process, with 74 going on to receive admittance to the program. That’s 28% (30% for Paul) receiving interview invitations, and 78% (80% for Paul) of those clients receiving admits.

If you’re thinking about applying to Harvard Business School, Admitify can help you with every part of your application process, including school selection, identifying your strongest differentiators and best application strategy, brainstorming and developing your essays, selecting and working with your recommenders to develop strong letters, crafting an effective resume/CV, editing and proofreading your application ‘data section’ responses, enhancing your interview skills via simulated video interviews using schools’ actual questions, helping you with wait-list issues (if needed) and scholarships/fellowships, and reviewing your social media profile.

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