February 14, 2020

Why MBA Students are Hungry for Courses on Food and Wine

This is a fascinating article on the growing interest of MBA students in courses on sustainability. According to UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business, MBA students working in the food and beverage industry have doubled over the last three years. This has prompted them to add new courses and initiatives, including Edible Education 101 and the Food Venture Lab for entrepreneurs. This same trend is occuring around the world. The MBA Wine & Spirits Business program at the Burgundy School of Business in France is seeing an increase in interest on the part of students from Asia, and students at the Global MBA in Food and Wine at Bologna Business School in Italy’s business development lab have been working with Food for Soul, founded by chef Massimo Bottura, to reduce food waste.

For this new generation of MBA students facing climate change, sustainability seems to be taking on increasing importance.