June 18, 2021

UVA Darden 2021-22 Application Announcement

UVA Darden has announced their 2021-22 MBA deadlines and essay releases.
Deadlines: Early Action: September 9, R1: October 6, R2: January 5, R2: April 6

Darden has a series of short answer essay questions:
Darden MBA essay #1 (Learning team): Tell us what you would want your Learning Team to know about you that is not on your resume. (150 words)
Darden MBA essay #2 (Leadership and impact): Please respond to one of the following prompts. (200 words)
Q1: Tell us about a time when you acted with a team to solve a problem or seize an opportunity. What role did you play? What did you learn from this experience?
Q2: Tell us about a time you acted to solve a problem for the greater good. What drew you to this issue? What did you learn from this experience?
Darden MBA essay #3 (Diversity): Select the prompt to which you will respond.
Q1: Share a time when you learned something related to diversity, equity or inclusion that was previously unknown to you. How did this experience impact your perspective?
Q2: Share a time when you advocated for a perspective, identity, or community different from your own. How did this experience impact your worldview?
Darden MBA essay #4 (Career goal): What is your short-term, post-MBA goal and how does it align with the long-term vision you have for your career? (150 words)
Darden MBA essay #5 (Darden worldwide): Darden has an incredible network of alumni and partners around the world, and, in a typical year, the School connects with over 80 countries. If you could choose any location in the world, where would you want to travel? (5 words)  And why? (50 words)

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