This agreement is between Paul Bodine Admissions Consulting and you, its client. By purchasing the services of Paul Bodine Consulting you acknowledge that these terms are in effect.

You will not hold Paul Bodine Admissions Consulting or representatives liable for any denied admissions to any undergraduate, graduate or professional program or school or any denial of employment. Furthermore, you understand that you will write all your essays and that you are responsible for all aspects of the essays and/or resumes.

We have made no representations about what our service will do for your chances of admission to any undergraduate, graduate, or professional school or program or for your chances of employment at any institution, corporation, business, or government agency.

Paul Bodine Admissions Consulting disclaims any and all implied or express warranties, including but not limited to, the essays’, resumes’, or letters’ fitness for a particular purpose and your fitness for any job or undergraduate, graduate, or professional program.

You agree to respond truthfully in Admitify’s new-client questionnaire and to answer your consultant’s questions honestly as s/he works to understand your profile.

You understand and agree to our refund policy. Refunds are calculated accordingly: Amount Paid – [Non-discounted, regular hourly rate ᵡ Time spent consulting with or editing for you]. For flat-fee packages, Admitify will refund, at our discretion, the lowest dollar amount of either (a) 50% of the flat-fee package price only during the initial strategy/discovery/outline stage (i.e., before any editing of essay drafts or other application elements begins) or (b) your consultant’s actual time used (calculated at the consultant’s lowest hourly rate). Paul Bodine Admissions Consulting does not issue refunds for work already performed. (If your consultant has converted your purchased hourly time into a flat-fee package as a discretionary courtesy to you, that hourly time is never refundable once the hourly work has been completed.) No refunds at all are allowed on flat-fee packages after editing of the essay drafts or other application elements has begun.

For MBA applications, work on any supplemental essays (e.g., joint/dual degree and scholarship essays) outside of the essays that all MBA applicants must write is not included in flat-fee package services but Admitify can work on these essays under hourly rates.

Rush Service: Clients needing work completed within a single day (one-day turnaround) are subject to rush rates (30% on top of the hourly rate you are working under), levied at the discretion of your Paul Bodine Consulting consultant.

You agree that all hourly services are provided on an “actual time spent” basis and that all substantive time (phone, email, or editing time spent on the substance of your application and candidacy, but excluding administrative, scheduling, and billing discussions) is billable. Any time estimates provided for hourly services are only approximations (not binding “bids”) and should not be construed as the actual time that the hourly work provided may take.