April 4, 2023

Paul Bodine’s Game-Changing Differentiators

Admitify’s founder and president, Paul Bodine was recently a guest on the Touch MBA podcast to talk about how he helps clients discover their most game-changing assets and differentiators. Paul shares his process and why it’s important to build trust with his clients to reveal their uncommon stories.

Paul also digs down into a couple of case studies of clients who seemed ordinary on the surface, but after working with Paul they found their unique stories that took one to Chicago Booth and the other to Wharton.

Finally, Paul shares tips on how to tell your story across the application, how to find your hidden gems, and who his favorite business writer is. Make sure to listen to the podcast for all his tips, and check out the Show Notes for Admitify’s special discount for Touch MBA podcast listeners. After that, take a look at our case studies and contact us to begin your MBA application!