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Applying to medical school is challenging, but Admitify has your back! With two decades of experience as an admissions consultant specializing in medical school admissions and residency programs, Admitify’s senior medical admissions coach will help you develop the right admissions strategy for you.

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All In School Package Pricing

When you book a Medical School All In School package with Admitify, you'll be matched with an expert consultant who best fits your unique needs. Please review our Terms & Conditions for working with Admitify.

  • Unlimited Discussion (by phone, email, or in person – whichever you prefer) on school selection, application strategy, positioning, and client discovery (getting to know your story). Unlimited means unlimited.
  • Unlimited Editing of All Essays for that school including optional essays, from the most micro level (grammar, etc.) to the highest macro level (themes, etc.). Unlimited means unlimited.
  • Unlimited discussion of recommender selection. Also includes specific feedback on all recommendation letters for one school (interacting directly with the recommender): concrete, point-by-point suggestions for improving each letter.
  • Review and edit of application resume.
  • Review of your Internet and social media presence.
  • Review of entire data section of application (the non-essay portion of the application).
  • Mock interview session using actual school interview questions, followed by detailed feedback on what you did well and how you can improve for each school.
  • Advice on weighing and selecting from your school admission offers.
  • Help with your wait-list campaign, if needed.
MEDICAL SCHOOL Primary Application Service
MEDICAL SCHOOL Secondary Application Service

Hourly Consulting Pricing

Hourly consulting is ideal for applicants who need help on specific parts of their application. Most of our clients ask for help with essays, recommendations, and interview preparation.

We will charge you only for actual minute-by-minute time spent working on your application (no ’rounding up’). And each time we send you work, we will tell exactly how much time it took. You’ll always know where you stand.

One Hour at a Time
$325 per Hour
Five Hours at a Time
$299 per Hour

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