March 16, 2016

Medical School

Medical School

Apply with Confidence

Applying to medical school can be one of life’s most stressful experiences. On top of the long timelines, grueling tests, drop-dead deadlines, and high costs, there’s the simple fact that average MCAT scores and applicant volume at the most coveted schools is climbing. A great MCAT score and GPA—never easy to get–aren’t good enough for admission anymore. In this fiercely competitive admissions environment, your personal statement, secondary essays, recommendation letters, and interview will all be potential deal-breakers.

To guide you through this gauntlet and help you set yourself apart from the pack, you need an expert with a long history of demonstrated success to guide you. You need Paul Bodine Admissions Consulting.

Tested One-On-One Approach

One of the industry’s most successful admissions consultants (helping med school applicants since 1998), Paul Bodine will personally guide you through your med school application process, from providing you with a customized application strategy to helping you craft powerfully effective essays that get you admitted at your top-choice schools. Paul won’t hand you off to other consultants. You’ll work one on one with him to find the application themes unique to your strengths, your experiences, your personality — you.

Whether you choose to emphasize your clinical experiences, research exposure, pivotal life experiences, or some combination of them all, Paul will work with you directly to create a compelling, memorable personal statement that gives medical schools the information they need while ensuring that you never get lost in the admissions shuffle. Paul will show you how to maintain a consistent style and tone to ensure your essay connects with the admissions committee on a human level. Your statement and secondary essays will become persuasive, polished, and powerful without sacrificing any sense of your individuality.

Guidance Every Step of the Way

Paul will also show you how to obtain highly effective letters of recommendation from the people who know you (and can sing your praises) best. He’ll even work with your recommender to develop those letters for you. You’ll also gain confidence heading into the interview process, as Paul helps you refine your answers to the crucial interview questions through video, phone, or one-on-one preparation.

Tailor-Made Consulting for Your Needs

You can choose consulting services in hourly or flat-fee plans to suit your time constraints, writing skills, and budget. Whatever plan you choose, Paul will take the time to get to know you to determine your strongest themes and highest-impact stories with both macro and micro guidance.


Paul Bodine is the author of six books on professional school admissions, including Perfect Phrases for Medical School and Perfect Phrases for Letters of Recommendation. He stays abreast of medical school trends through his network, research, and clients, and will keep you informed through his blog, website data, and social networking presence, from LinkedIn to Twitter. In his 12+ years providing personalized counseling, editing, and guidance, Paul has helped dozens of clients get into medical schools like Yale, Stanford, University of Chicago, NYU, Northwestern, UCLA, Mayo, and many more (see the full list).

Visit the Testimonials section to see what past clients have said about Paul Bodine Admissions Consulting. Applying to medical school will never be easy. Let Paul lighten your load; it may be one of the smartest investments you’ll make in building your medical career.

Paul Bodine Admissions Consulting offers a one-on-one experience that transforms medical school candidates into successful healthcare professionals living the careers of their dreams.

Contact Paul Bodine now to schedule a free consultation and begin devising your successful med school application strategy today.