March 9, 2016

MBACSEA Fall 2015 Recruiting Trends Survey

The MBA Career Services & Employer Alliance released its latest recruiting trends survey based on a survey of 83 programs conducted in December and January of 2015. More than three-quarters of the respondents were North American universities with full- and part-time MBA programs and specialized master’s. Here are the key findings for full-time MBA recruiting:

  • 65% of responding programs experienced more on-campus recruiting this year than last year (vs. 64% in fall 2014); only 9% experienced a decrease.
  • the largest percentage of respondents (27%) said full-time on-campus job opportunities grow 6-10% over 2014. The next largest percentage (17%) said they were flat, and 15% said they were up 11-15% over 2014.
  • schools across the MBA rankings food chain also reported increased full-time job postings: 61% of Top 20 schools said postings were up, 83% of Top 21 to 50 schools said so, 50% of Top 51 to 100 schools said so, and 70% of unranked schools said postings were up.
  • technology, consulting, healthcare, and financial services were the industries in which the most business schools reported increased full-time recruiting activity. Media/entertainment, hospitality, and ‘other’ were the industry categories that the fewest number of schools reported increased recruiting activity for. Not surprisingly, schools reported that the biggest decrease in recruiting activity was experienced in the energy industry.
  • by organization type, the largest increase in recruiting activity was enjoyed by Fortune 500 businesses, followed by firms outside the schools’ geographic location, followed by startup companies.
  • 56% of responding schools experienced increased on-campus recruiting for full-time international students versus only 23% reporting growth in 2014. The greatest growth in international student recruiting was in the technology and consulting industries.

For the full report, visit the website.