June 4, 2021

Kellogg 2021-22 Announcements

Northwestern Kellogg, has just announced a new multi-program option for its MBA application process. In 2021-22 Kellogg applicants will be able to select their preference for multiple programs in a single application. For example, an applicant must choose their primary choice, e.g. the two-year MBA program, but can also be add and rank additional program(s) of interest they would like to be considered for, e.g., the one-year program. If Kellogg is unable to accept the applicant’s into his/her primary choice, they will be considered for their secondary program(s) without having to submit a new application.

For its 2020-21 essays, Kellogg has adapted their typical challenge essay question, prompt #3, so it addresses the challenges applicants faced during the global pandemic. Here’s the question that all applicants will be asked: 2020 has been a year of seismic disruption—fighting the global COVID-19 pandemic, tragic deaths that have brought systemic racism and social justice issues to the forefront of long overdue conversations, and economic and political divides that are growing deeper and deeper. How has this unprecedented year challenged you and how have you faced that challenge? 

Kellogg also announced their application deadlines for the 2021-22 cycle.  R1: September 15, 2021, Decision: December 8; R2: January 5, 2022, Decision: March 23; R3: April 6, 2022, Decision: May 11. Don’t wait! Mark your calendars for the end of June to begin the application process.