October 14, 2023

HEC Paris and Columbia University Launch Climate-Savvy Double Degree

HEC Paris and Columbia University’s Climate School have joined forces to introduce an innovative double degree program that bridges the worlds of international management and climate science. This partnership aims to equip students with a multifaceted understanding of climate challenges and their profound societal impacts, preparing them for pivotal roles in companies, NGOs, and governments where climate issues are at the forefront.


The collaboration, signed in June 2023, represents a significant step forward in addressing the urgent climate crisis. Both institutions, renowned for their international reputations, identified a unique opportunity to develop this program. It aligns seamlessly with HEC Paris’ revamped Master in Management (MiM) curriculum, which focuses on ecological transitions and the pressing challenges facing society.


The program’s core objective is to empower students with dual competencies in management and climate science, recognizing the critical role that these skills will play in shaping the future of both the public and private sectors. By providing a comprehensive understanding of climate physics and its intricate connections to biology and society, the curriculum spans an array of disciplines, including political science, economics, management, financial management, and quantitative analysis.


Upon successful completion of the program, students will receive two prestigious degrees: the MiM from HEC Paris and the Master of Arts (MA) in Climate and Society from Columbia University, solidifying their expertise in both domains.


Students will commence their studies at HEC Paris. After completion, they are offered the flexibility of an optional gap year, during which they can engage in a wide range of personal and professional development activities, including internships. Subsequently, students progress to the MA in Climate & Society program at the Columbia Climate School, which spans three semesters at the U.S. campus.


Yann Algan, Dean of Pre-Experience programs at HEC Paris, lauds this collaboration, highlighting how it leverages the strengths of both institutions to provide students with a unique, multidisciplinary perspective on climate issues. Moreover, it equips them with the managerial and entrepreneurial tools necessary to devise impactful solutions. Dr. Mingfang Ting, Professor of Climate and Co-Senior Director for Education at Columbia Climate School, emphasizes the program’s inclusivity by welcoming students from various academic backgrounds, be it social sciences, natural sciences, or humanities. HEC Paris students, with their solid management foundation, are poised to enrich the interdisciplinary learning environment at Columbia University.


This collaborative double degree program represents a significant milestone in addressing climate change by nurturing a new generation of leaders who possess both the acumen of international management and the insights of climate science. It offers a comprehensive educational experience that will empower graduates to make informed decisions and drive transformative actions across various industries and sectors. The partnership between HEC Paris and Columbia University underscores the commitment of academia to combatting one of the most pressing challenges of our time.


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