October 7, 2021

HBS ‘Further Consideration’ Guidance

For those of you who logged into your HBS application status page and found you had been selected for further consideration, congratulations! You’re still in the game!

Admitify’s founder and president, Paul Bodine, offers the following guidance on brainstorming content for your ‘further consideration’ update, due sometime in November:

  • Discuss any new work projects you have performed since submitting your application, especially highlighting those you led (formally or informally).
  • If the assignment on these projects was selective, state that and how selective it was.
  • Emphasize any innovations you delivered in this role or any responsibilities you executed that exceeded expectations.
  • If these work projects have already produced results, share those.
  • Aside from your formal work tasks, have you added value or taken on new roles in any unofficial, ‘office community’, or ‘organizational development’ tasks at work (e.g., D&I council, recruiting etc.).
  • Ask these same questions about your community or extracurricular roles outside of work.
  • In your personal life, have you had any major impacts, e.g., helping friends or family through a difficult challenge?
  • Have you taken any courses or professional development activities since submitting your application?
  • Have you interacted with HBS alumni since applying? Have you taken any other steps to learn more about the program, e.g., attending an HBS conference, interacting with a faculty member, etc. What did you learn about HBS that you didn’t know when you applied?
  • Conclude the update by reaffirming that HBS is your first-choice school (if it is).

If you need help with your ‘further consideration’ update, contact us today to set up a session with one of our expert coaches. Good luck!