April 16, 2021

GRE Scores At The Top 50 MBA Programs In The U.S.

Poets & Quants featured Admitify founder and president Paul Bodine in their recent article “GRE Scores At The Top 50 MBA Programs In The U.S.

When asked about how the GRE factors into MBA application process in the current climate, Paul said:

“It used to be with the GRE that people perceived it as if ‘I’m a non-traditional, I will pick the GRE, but now I’m seeing people who are coming right out of finance or right out of consulting who are taking the GRE, because they figured out that they can do better on that. And I think people are also looking at the acceptance rates for GREs being higher with a lower score. Once you’re converted into the GMAT, it’s still higher. They’re thinking that this is may be a backdoor into a top school if they’re not confident in the GMAT score they can get.” 

Read more about what Paul had to say on the GRE as well as Poets & Quants report on the GRE scores at the top 50 business school here.