April 11, 2023


In today’s blog, we’re spotlighting the Graduate Management Admission Council’s (GMAC) recent announcement of the new GMAT exam: “GMAT Focus Edition”.


The new GMAT will have official prep material available in Q2 2023, registration starting in Q3 2023, and testing beginning in Q4 2023.


Here are the major updates included in the test:


  • A streamlined format of three 45-minute sections, which reduces the test’s time by one hour
  • The Analytical Writing Assessment essay section has been removed. GMAC decided to focus on higher-order critical reasoning skills and data literacy and noted that business schools often have application essays to gauge writing skills.
  • Test takers are allowed to change a maximum of three answers in each section (answer changes are not allowed in the current exam)
  • Ability to select your own section order as well as bookmark and review questions as you complete the test
  • Score reports will include more insights into your performance, and only one exam score
  • Registrants can send scores to five schools for free


As more business schools in recent years have accepted the GRE test for admission, the GMAT has faced increased competition.  These new changes should make the GMAT more student-friendly.  For example, the new GMAT is now approximately an hour shorter in length than the GRE.


For further information on the new GMAT, click on the below articles:


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