August 5, 2021

Enhancing your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn profiles have become de rigueur in the MBA admissions world  – the next best thing to a full-fledged resume. We at Admitify suggest you add your LinkedIn URL to your resume and hope that admissions readers take the hint and gain new information about you not found in your application. How to optimize your LinkedIn?:

  • Ensure your LinkedIn profile truly complements/aligns well with your resume — no disconnects, head-scratchers, bad optics content, or roles listed in one but not the other, etc. Nothing negative or damaging.
    • Flesh out your professional, academic, and community roles with more content by sharing content/accomplishments/context not found on your resume. Perhaps some additional accomplishment that didn’t fit on your resume, or some extra quantified data point capturing your impact in a given role. You have more space on your LinkedIn profile – try to use it.
    • A LinkedIn profile that is just a verbatim repeat/regurgitation of your resume is a wasted opportunity.
  • Use not only a personal profile photo but a professional background photo as well to give the profile more personality.
  • Jazz up the title under your profile photo and/or add a strong summary section before you begin listing your professional experiences.
    • Using more self-revealing or mission-focused language (while still keeping the focus on your professional role) enables the visitor to see the motivation or purpose behind your career.
  • Become active on LinkedIn so your feed demonstrates that you’re acting on your interests, passions, and professional priorities.
  • Verify that your skills section really lists all your skills.
  • Request some recommendations from others (as opposed to just skill endorsements).
    • This often means offering to give some in return.

Will you be dinged if you don’t do all or even most of these things? No. These are just enhancements that might give your application an edge if admissions readers visit your page. Contact us today and we’ll connect you with an expert Admitify coach for personalized advice and admissions assistance.