March 9, 2023

EMBA Survey Reveals Value of EMBA

The Executive MBA Council (EMBAC) just summarized its findings from a survey of EMBA students enrolled in executive MBA programs from 2021-2022.  Students are realizing strong value from their program experiences in three major areas: 1) compensation gains, 2) promotion and/or increased responsibility in their roles, and 3) improvement in key management skills.


Compensation gains for surveyed EMBA students averaged a 17% gain after program completion versus pre-EMBA.  The salary and bonus package for students at the start of their EMBA averaged just over $230K and increased significantly to over $270K by the end.  Additionally, some students received their compensation hikes while they were still in the middle of the program.


Promotion opportunities were another value provided by the EMBA.  41% of students surveyed received a promotion during their program and 52% expanded their responsibilities during the program.  Many EMBA graduates reported high levels of satisfaction with their programs and would recommend their programs to colleagues or friends in addition to providing support as alumni.


Finally, improvement in key management skills was yet another value addition. Students cited the opportunity the EMBA gave them to improve their strategic thinking, critical thinking, and decision-making skills.  According to Michael Desiderio, EMBAC executive director, “the skill set that EMBA Programs help students develop allows them to adapt to rapid marketplace changes. They learn ways to nurture innovations, marshal their teams, and drive change that helps their organizations thrive.”


For a full read of the value of an EMBA, click here.


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