April 26, 2023

Don’t Stop Believing In Yourself! (Class of ’25 Admit)

At Admitify we dive deep into your qualifications, strengths, weaknesses, and the unique ‘best self’ story that clicks with admissions officers. Our in-depth, customized analysis ensures your entire MBA application has the best chance of success.


Here’s what one client recently posted about Paul Bodine and the Admitify Team on Poets & Quants:


Accepted In HBS, Stanford, Booth & Wharton

Working with Paul and his team was one of the best decisions I took when doing my application. Thanks to him I was able to receive admission letters from Harvard, Stanford, Wharton, and Booth (all the schools I applied to).


My main weakness before starting the MBA process was developing my own story for the essays. Paul was able to help me develop a convincing story of why I will be a strong MBA candidate and why the MBA was the next logical step in my career. Additionally, when I began the application on my own I thought that one sentence for some answers of the application was enough, but while working with Paul he made me realize that every question is an opportunity to show the admissions teams your strengths and always pushed me to use the maximum number of characters.


Paul was always willing to help and was super responsive in all the stages of the process. Even on the days near Christmas and New Year’s Eve, Paul replied and helped me complete my application as if it was any other normal day of the year. Paul also prioritized my request when I asked for help with Harvard’s post-interview reflection working with me until late hours to meet the 24-hour deadline we have.


I also would like to note that Paul was the only advisor that encouraged my husband to do the GMAT again so he could have a stronger profile and improve his chances. While other well-known advisors refused to work with my husband given his low GMAT, Paul accepted to work with him and also convinced him to do the GMAT once again by telling him to focus only on obtaining a higher quant score and stop worrying about the verbal section. He did so and was able to obtain a 760 GMAT score. He did the GMAT more than 3 times and almost gave up but thanks to Paul he didn’t.


(For everyone that is suffering with the GMAT right now my advise is DON’T STOP BELIEVING IN YOURSELF! )


Class of 2025 Admit


In Round 1 of this application cycle, 80% of Paul’s Stanford GSB clients advanced, as did 50% of his HBS clients, 71% of his Wharton clients, 75% of his Columbia Business School clients, and 100% of his Booth, Kellogg, and MIT Sloan clients.


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