September 14, 2021

Decision Time: Round 1 or Round 2?

September is a busy time for MBA programs, their applicants and recommenders.

With Round 1 deadlines at top schools imminent or already passed, you may decide that pushing your application to Round 2 is the better part of valor. Many schools claim they admit the same number of applicants in Round 2 as in Round 1. Anecdotal evidence suggests that at the very top schools, admissions selectivity becomes tighter by a few points between R1 and R2. But even for schools the number of admits is the same between the first two rounds, applicants who are ‘oversubscribed/bed’ applicant pools are more likely to stand out in R1 (when no one has yet been admitted) than in R2 (when many other applicants have already made the cut).

Here are some tips on deciding whether to push to round 2:

  • Are you targeting any ‘M7’ or dream schools or are you in a common applicant pool? If so, Round 1 may give you the best odds – but …
  • Review the status of your applications. Are still developing your essays? Have all of your recommenders come through for you? Is your GMAT score truly the best you can do and is it well within your target schools’ middle-80% score range?
  • Assess your overall confidence level on your application materials. Is it your best work?

Your answers to these questions can tell you whether a Round 2 submission makes better sense. If you are applying to Round 2 – or are targeting a R1 deadline in October – Admitify is happy to help. Contact us today to connect with an expert Admitify coach.