January 8, 2020

Chicago Booth: New Faculty and Electives Introduced for the 2019–2020 Academic Year


University of Chicago Booth School of Business has introduced 10 new courses for 2019-2020, many of which are focused on developing the individual student as a leader through experimentation and observation.

Included in this new suite of leadership courses is the “Leadership Practicum” (Chris Collins) which will work on building traditional skill sets. Another course, the “Leadership Studio” (Harry Davis) will have students practice their leadership and communication skills in a rehearsal hall and in the field, and is described as a co-creating experience for students committed to their personal development. “Interpersonal Dynamics” (Darryl Pure) will employ the T-group method for a unique experiential learning experience in which students will develop their ability to give and receive feedback.

Another interesting new course is “Women As Entrepreneurs, Venture Capitalists, and Private Equity Executives” (Alyssa Rapp) examining what has helped or hampered leading entrepreneurial women in their careers. In Mary Ittelson’s course “Arts Leadership: Best Practices and Radical Strategies in Non-Profit Arts Organizations” she will be urging future leaders to try the radical strategies.

Booth has also taken on 13 new faculty members for 2019-2020 including Shereen Chaudhry, Joshua Dean, and Celia Gaertig, all three of whom have joined the Center for Decision Research. Chaudhry’s primary focus is on communication about credit and blame, Dean’s is on the intersection of poverty and cognition, and Gaertig’s is on the psychology of consumer behavior and decision making. Chaudhry and Dean will be teaching courses on the strategies and processes of negotiation, and Gaertig will be teaching courses on consumer behavior.

On the tech side, Sundhil Mullainathan joined Booth in 2018 from Harvard and has focused his research on machine learning to examine complex problems in human behavior and social policy, as well as in medicine. Besides a course in AI, he will be teaching a new course, “Applications of Machine Learning to the Empirical Sciences.” Sanjog Misra will teach an Algorithmic Marketing Lab exploring the use of algorithmic tools to further a company’s marketing goals.

And finally, Booth has introduced a new course “Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation” (Robert Gertner) that will have students individually and in small teams focus on social entrepreneurship and ultimately develop a business idea to solve a problem in society. If the idea is good enough, the student team is expected to go on to participate in the Social New Venture Challenge for the chance to win seed funding for the launch of their idea.

It sounds like an exciting time to be at Chicago Booth!

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