January 25, 2022

Booth MBA’s New Faculty and Courses

The University of Chicago Booth School of Business has announced new faculty members and new courses for the 2021-2022 academic year.


For faculty members, the two new additions are Milena Almagro, Assistant Professor of Economics, and Anna Costello, Professor of Accounting.  Professor Almagro holds a PhD in economics from New York University and was a Junior Scholar of the Opportunity and Inclusive Growth Institute at the Minneapolis Fed before joining Booth.  Her research focuses on urban inequality and covers a wide range from the impact of gentrification on the well-being of different demographic groups to racial segregation in U.S. cities.  Professor Costello holds a PhD in business administration from the University of Chicago and taught at both the University of Michigan Ross and MIT Sloan business schools prior to joining Booth.  Her research focuses on the role of information sharing between supply chain partners and her work includes research that dives into how information asymmetry between buyers and suppliers can impact the terms and restrictions in long-term supply contracts.


The Booth MBA gives faculty the autonomy to develop and change coursework as conditions in the business landscape shift.  While some schools would require an extensive committee buy-in before moving forward with coursework changes, Booth professors only need the approval of a senior faculty member.  That freedom to adapt has developed into several timely courses that launched this recent academic year including:


  • Pivot for Success – Hone the Vision, Shift the Strategy, Make the Right Moves in Today’s Marketplace: intensive and interactive course to help students learn how pivoting can generate strategic, cross-functional, and long-term business value ranging from startup ventures to large established enterprises.
  • Intro to Databases for Business Analytics: practical modern-day course to help business leaders understand how to set up, interact with, and strengthen understanding of databases. Students will learn how databases fit into the technology stack, how to connect to databases, and how to browse and export data from databases.
  • Culture as a Competitive Advantage: provides the tools and approaches business leaders should use to develop hard metrics that accelerate the impact of culture. The timely course covers topics such as the impact of culture on retention and attraction of top talent, the process of creating or redesigning a culture post-crisis, and the role of leaders in determining the kind of culture needed for their business strategy.
  • Health Economics: the course covers the financing of health insurance, the behavior of non-profit and for-profit hospitals, technological change in the healthcare sector, and government regulations on the healthcare market. Especially in light of the pandemic and recent health care policy debates in the U.S., this is a critical topic with timely relevance.


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