May 16, 2023

A Fantastic Partner That Truly Understood My Application

At Admitify we dive deep into your qualifications, strengths, weaknesses, and the unique ‘best self’ story that clicks with admissions officers. Our in-depth, customized analysis ensures your entire MBA application has the best chance of success.


Here’s what one client recently posted about Paul Bodine and the Admitify Team on Poets & Quants:


A Fantastic Partner That Truly Understood My Application. Admitted To Harvard, Stanford & Wharton!

I spoke with a number of admissions consultants and vividly remember the first conversation with Paul – I instantly felt he was the right person to work with. Beyond his expansive knowledge of admissions (particularly across my target schools of HSW – just scroll down or up for more proof points!), I felt like he truly understood my story, the roles I have had leading up to it, and the messages I wanted to land with schools.


Overall the process was fantastic and everything you would want from an admissions consultant. He understood critically what it was that would differentiate me (and notably what would not), using this as the north star for how I shaped my applications. He was also very engaged and consistent in reply times.


The one point I’d like to highlight in more detail is that throughout the process Paul challenged me to go further and unravel stories until there wasn’t any juice left to squeeze. During this journey at times, it would feel frustrating and often exhausting as I tried to introspect deeply on stories to understand if there were any other moments that truly influenced me or shaped the ‘why’ behind the anecdote. My advice if you work with Paul is to hang on for the ride! This process really increased the depth and substantiveness of my essays and enabled me to put my best foot forward to admissions committees.


Class of 2025 Admit


In Round 1 of this application cycle, 80% of Paul’s Stanford GSB clients advanced, as did 50% of his HBS clients, 71% of his Wharton clients, 75% of his Columbia Business School clients, and 100% of his Booth, Kellogg, and MIT Sloan clients.


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