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Sara has made admissions decisions on over 30,000 MBA applicants since 2006 as the admissions director, admissions dean, and chair of the Admissions Committee at University of Virginia Darden School of Business. Under her leadership, the Darden School improved its application volume by 48%, raised its average admittance GMAT score from 677 to 713, and increased representation by women at Darden from 21% to 39% and by underrepresented minorities from 7% to 12%. Sara also developed and filmed 300+ YouTube videos to connect with applicants and has taught multiple courses on interviewing skills. Prior to her admissions career Sara was an account executive at Proctor & Gamble. She has a BA from the University of Virginia and an MBA from Goizueta Business School at Emory University in Atlanta. She has seen a lot of mistakes made by MBA applicants and can help you avoid making them. Sara is inspired by applicants’ experiences and helping them achieve their MBA goals by linking that background to the MBA.

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