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It’s called “flight to quality”—the growing tendency of B-school applicants to focus all their energies on the top, best-branded schools on the theory that only those schools will give them the sure job and return on investment to justify the cost of the MBA. This flight to quality means that the “ultra-elite” business schools are becoming even more ferociously competitive. The average selectivity rate for the top MBA programs hovers around 12%. But for programs like Stanford the rate is closer to 6%. For the class of 2019, Harvard and Stanford received 18,524 applications for some 1,350 spots. How can you improve your chances of being one of them?

A 760 GMAT score and 3.8 GPA won’t be enough. More than ever, your essays, recommendation letters, and interview are potential deal-breakers—or deal-makers. To rise to the challenge each of these application components poses, you need the expert, personalized, proven-effective guidance of Paul Bodine Admissions Consulting.

Tested One-On-One Approach

One of the industry’s most successful and experienced admissions consultancies (helping business school applicants since 1997), Paul Bodine Consulting / ADMITIFY will guide you through the B-school application minefield, from providing you with a savvy, bullet-proof application strategy to helping you write powerful and compelling essays that get you admitted to your number-one schools. Harvard, Stanford, Wharton, Chicago—for 21+ years Paul Bodine has been helping hundreds of applicants get into these programs (see the complete list of schools Paul’s clients have gained admission to) by developing the themes and stories that best capture your strengths, experiences, personality — you.

Guidance from Beginning to End

Through intensive get-to-know-you interviews, pointed questions, and incisive suggestions, Paul Bodine Consulting / ADMITIFY consultants will work with you personally (and in person when feasible) to create memorable, personality-rich, and authentic essays that grab the admissions reader’s attention through personality, self-reflection, and vivid imagery. Paul and his crack staff will show you how to use a dynamic style and engaging tone that connects with the admissions committee on a human level while also fully establishing your professional and personal achievements. Your essays will become persuasive, polished, and powerful without ever sacrificing your individuality. Your essay set as a whole will capture your total profile, each essay complementing and rounding out the others to create a seamless, inexorable whole.

Customized Guidance Every Step of the Way

Paul Bodine Consulting / ADMITIFY will also show you how to obtain highly effective letters of recommendation from the people who know you (and can sing your praises) best. We can even work directly with your recommender to develop those letters for you. And you’ll brim with confidence heading into your B-school interview because Paul and crew will help you refine your answers to the toughest interview questions through video, phone, or one-on-one preparation.

You can choose consulting services in hourly or flat-fee plans to suit your time constraints, writing skills, and budget. Whatever plan you choose, you will get the same highest-quality macro and micro guidance—from first phone call to acceptance email.

Expertise: Work with the Consultants Who “Wrote the Book”

Paul is the author of six authoritative books on professional school admissions, including Great Applications Essays for Business School, Perfect Phrases for Business School, and Perfect Phrases for Letters of Recommendation. We stay abreast of business school admissions trends through our deep network, research, and clients and share our insights through such publications as the Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, Bloomberg Businessweek, Money magazine, U.S. News & World Report, Poets & Quants, and

Visit our Testimonials section and read our customer reviews in Poets and Quants’ Admissions Consultants directory to see what past clients have said about Paul Bodine. Applying to business school is getting tougher every year. Let Paul Bodine Consulting / ADMITIFY lighten your load and illuminate your path; it may be one of the smartest investments you’ll ever make.

Paul Bodine Admissions Consulting offers a one-on-one experience that transforms business school candidates into successful MBAs ready for the careers of their dreams.

Contact us now to schedule a free consultation and begin devising your successful business school application strategy today.

You’ll never have to worry about “going it alone” or your voice getting lost in the mix.

About-Key Client Testimonials

Hi Paul, got the news from Ross:) i am in !!!! thank you so much for all your help. i would not be accepted without you!!!! Thank you Paul for what you did for me. I believe you are the best – bold and smart approach.


“Paul, I am really excited and had to share, this morning I was admitted to the Wharton School of Business! [My wife] and I couldn’t ask for a better Christmas present.


“Paul, I heard from Wharton and learnt that I got accepted. I wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you for all your help. I could not have done it without your help.”


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